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Hello Year 3. I was on my holidays in Devon and came across this sculpture. I was looking for a plaque to tell me who it was or what this lady was all about. Maybe you could share your thoughts on what might the plaque say about this sculpture. Who is she? Why is her stomach missing? Tell me as much as you can. Use your imagination.

Happy blogging! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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48 thoughts on “Who am i?

  1. Is a Shane pason holding a Shane mirror . It’s a angel hiding a picher. Is a angel that holding a frajile mirror. I think it

  2. I think the picture is part of a tennis court. Why is there a frame. We’re is she and what is her name. What part of Devon is she in. Dose she have any friends. Why is she holding a picture frame. How old is she. How many friends dose she have is she has any. Maybe someone killed her and took her sumac. Is the picture a tennis court or nothing. Why is she looking at the sky. Why is there no people around her is it empty or not. Why is she brown. Why is the frame gold. Why is it a lady. Why is here head black and here here body is brown. Why is there a tennis court behind here.

  3. I think it is a mirror. I think she is a picture frame because her tummy is not there. I think its a statue with out a stomach and it is a mirror. it’s a women who is a statue with a gold body and a mirror in her tummy. Is it a statue with a mirror built in it looks like at the bottom it looks like a tree trunk. It is a statue with no arms. It looks like Jesus wife. It’s a great statue to look at.

  4. We think her tummy has been chopped of and she’s still alive .because maybe she’s magicaI . We also think she’s holding a magical mirror. Then someone froze her . And she was panted brown. How old is she ?

  5. I think the frame is part of her body because it we cinnd of see the frame in proply. I think it is in the body because she pushed it in

  6. I think is a great foto Graf because it locks like glass stomach.
    The belly gass foto Graf because it Nile of glass.
    The stachew is dark golden stachew.
    The stachew have very dark hair as coal
    I think the golden foto Graf.
    Why is this stachew holding an golden plat with an howl.

  7. This year we have found a sulkpcher and It did not have a belly and it replaced as a mirror.
    It was funny and weird every single person right on the board.
    It was super funny every body was lafing there heads of.
    And we had a nother one What was on a mountain sun spree balcony helooked like he had no body and he didn’t have any Ribs and any bones and he was wood and he did not have any hair and he did have legs

  8. I think her stomach might be camerflrg.
    I think she has the hole in her tummy becase then you can put your hed into the hole.I think she is a portal.
    I think she took a photograph portal.

  9. This picture looks like it is a magical ghost. She has a magic mirror in her tummy. It looks like her tummy is cut off. The picture is as magical as a rainbow. Her hair looks hard. I think her voice sounds very smooth. She mite get a hair cut.

  10. I think she is a pitch frem becouse it looks like she is pootin her hands on her hips too make a surcol too make a mired And it is good

  11. I think this is an angel holding a window,or it might be from a museum . The angel might be telling us that it has nothing to hide and it is showing us. The lady looks proud because she is standing straight and looking up, also she might of been alive a long time ago because the statue looks old.

  12. Hi my name is sally
    I am a god that can see though to the future that is why my belly is messing as it help you to see as well

  13. Her name is Lavender and smells like flowers
    She has a magical mirror in her tummy.
    She looks like a ghost what is rotten.
    Her hair has been curled.
    She is always friendly when someone is being rude to her.

  14. I think she might not have a family because there is nothing at the side of her. And her chest is missing leaving a hole where her heart should be and that is probably why she is a statue because she feels lonely. I also think she was a army soldier and got blown up by a bomb thats why she has no stomach.

  15. this woman might be a really great tennis player and she has a mirror because you can see the tennis match and her personality is growing flowers and playing tennis and maybe she likes going to the park and she maybe died at that place and thats how she looked like when she died

  16. I think it’s a mirror/ person statue. Also a scoptiure with with a weird stomach.
    And someone who’s been in the war because the stomach is missing. I think it’s odd

  17. I think someone killed her,took her stomach and replaced it with an empty photo frame and dug her under a statue the same shape as her holding a statue. The statue was on a hill top.

  18. I think her tummy is missing because she might have a mirrow in her tummy so you can pocke your head through. I think she is a stacho because she is mettle.

  19. I fink the pursan was in a tennis court and has a howl In high
    and replaced by glass and I fink that thay Hittit over or in hire
    And how ever found it very weird

  20. I think it is a stacho and has glass inside of its tummy
    it looks wired and i think its spost to make the people think to go throo the tummy
    why has she got a howl throo hir tummy?

  21. the lade looks like a gaile with no tummy .
    it looks like she has no tummy but in sted of a tummy she has a fram to keep her saf

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