#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

#NPATEK What an exciting day! A package has come in to school that explains that we are going on an adventure. It has asked us to research great adventurers, decide what a great adventurer would wear, what they would have in their backpack and where would they go. It also talked about Africa and asked us to find out about the animals and wildlife that live there. So come on then – tell us what you have found out and let the Adventure begin!

Please start your response with #NPATEK so that others can follow your journey!

9 thoughts on “#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

  1. You can use a bottle to trap animals inside and its a storage for water aswell you l also need a plan to capture the animals.maybe you can use a rucksack because you can store anything small enough any way.you need to take risks you need to be quick you need to be smart that’s how you become a great explorer.if you want to explore anywere like space or an exotic island then follow these simple steps.1 pack a bottle because it keeps you hidrated.2 get a good supply of food or you will die.3 have a back up plan.4 make sure your safe if your not what’s the point of me giving you these steps.5 all ways pack a joke.why do you want to be a explorer?explorers have guts do you?would you take a risk?who do you look up to is it Indiana Jones?explorers have a sicic who’s yours is it macheal or are you macheals sicic ever way step 6 bring a weapon in case of an emerjency speak no evil or you will be aboundend like a ship reck.are you still following my steps if you are that’s the end for now see you later for more survival tips!!!

  2. this is the survivalist guide telling you more tips tip one for adventures on beaches you need a good supply of water because if you dont drink water for more than 92 hours then you will die because you wont be hidrated.
    list of tips:
    1stay close to your friend or family.
    2 get a map to giude your way through your adventure.
    3 also get a compass
    4 try to be as safe as possable

    thats all for now bbye

  3. #NPATEK

    What he would wear?

    I think he should wear a woolly hat because he doesn’t want his head to get cold some woolly gloves so his hands don’t get cold also some super duper woolly boots so your feet don’t get cold also a thermal coat so your body temperature does not go down.

    what would be in his backpack and where would he go?

    some food like high energy nutritious bars ( it gives you high energy and makes you stronger). Some water (because this helps you from dehydration) , a small hunting knife (For your protection) , first aid kit (in case of emergency) ,some clothes (In case you get wet) ,flares (If you get lost these will help people to find you) and a wind up torch (to help you see in dark areas). I would like my adventurer to go the North Pole.

    what qualities you need to be a good adventurer?

    you need to have spirit,determination and self belief you need these because if you don’t you wont be able to believe in yourself you also need agility because if you don’t you would unt be able to move.

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