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Agents of Shield here is your next mission.

In this mission you will learn how to:

  • Play a game and decide what is good or bad.
  • Design a game map.
  • Design a way of scoring points.
  • Design ‘baddies’ to take points away.

To do well in the mission you need to:

  • Log on to purplemash – www.purplemash.co.uk/sch/lings
  • Go to 2DIY 3D.
  • Play some of the games made by other schools. PASS
  • Design your own game board. SILVER
  • Put some apples on the game board to score points. GOLD
  • Put some ‘baddies’ on the game board to take points away. GOLD STAR

Good luck agents!

21 thoughts on “MISSION 2 – GAME DESIGN

    • Emma your game is a bit easy and collect Juliet and avoid romeo that,s a bit strange and you game is called R and J hmm. What I like about it is the enimies can move and on the last Juliet Romeo blocked me but I finished in seconds.

  1. I am getting mixed up egnore the bottom one go on the top on sorry those people who are trying to get on my game

    GOOD LUCK to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those people creating there games

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