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Welcome agents of Shield. You have now had your first Shield session and now we are presenting you with your first mission. The mission is about RESEARCH and getting to know the gaming environment. This mission will teach you to do the following:

  • Blogging a post – making sure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct.
  • Responding to another post – asking questions, posing problems and giving quality feedback.
  • Using search engines to find our information and then making this available to others – do not just copy and paste!
  • Research gaming to get a knowledge of what you need to know when you create your own.

How to succeed in your mission:

  • Choose a game that you are passionate about and have played often.
  • Use a search engine to find out as much as you can about your chosen game. Who designed it? What company created it? What genre is it? How do you score points, lose points?
  • Take all this information and blog your post. We want to know why you like the game and everything about it. Make sure that the content, spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct!
  • Look at other class posts and comment. You need to be specific – tell them what is good, what needs developing, what questions you need to pose and give them your opinion on the game they like.

You have a WEEK to do this session and the due date is TUESDAY 3rd FEBRUARY!

Good luck Agents of Shield!

68 thoughts on “MISSION 1 – RESEARCH

  1. My favourite game is minecraft. You have to punch a tree and then you can make wooden blocks to build a house. You can have it on peaceful so no monsters will try to kill you or you can have it on hard so monsters will spawn.

  2. My favourite game is mincraft because you get to build your own sittie and you also have a toutureul were you hav to pass missions to go to the castle were you get lods of good stuff like food armor sporn eggs with bones and fish.

  3. My favourite game is Injustice gods among us because it has Nightwing in it and and its a fighting game and I like fighting games .Injustice Gods Among us is a DC game like characters like Superman Batman Wonder Woman and Aquaman are all DC characters.You can do challenges like God fall Superman and green lantern[Red Son] which we have already finished in 5days and if you complete the challenge you will get a character.The game is about Mortal Combat vs Capcom and my favourite character in Injustice is the 6th version of Superman and my favourite move is the 2nd move frozen delivery it goes like this 2 full swings then freeze breath then he gets wood fires it and it hucks into a ball and then Superman throws it at the opponent and then boom.

        • My game is called mincraft city. There is no blasting zombis and no killing.There is just a peace city. There is lots of people in the city. So this is how you play it.
          Wait just forget to tell you you have to play on entnet explores. You can play it on a computer. So this is how you play. You choose a girl/boy then it starts loading. When it finishes loading you will be standing on a circle that is like a spot. If you press the space putten you can jump. If you press the arow keys you will go foward,back,right,and left. You will have a house and a car. You can build houses, shops, and enny think. You can make friends, familys, and much more!!! It is a easy simple game. So thats how you play.

  4. 1.who made the game? A work company called big blue bubbles.

    1.who made the game? a work company called big blue bubbles.
    2.what do you know about the game? I know that they are loads of monsters and loads of new islands.
    3.how does the game work? So the monsters make sounds that are not the same then they make a tune.
    4.how do you loose points/win points? You loose points buy buying stuff.you get points buy selling stuff.

  5. My favourite game is called Crossy road my dad says” he use to play a game exactly like crossy road called frogger “.the difference between This game and Frogger is that your not just a chicken in crossy road or a frog in frogger you can choose difference character when you earn them. Frogger originally came out in the arcades 1981.crossy road was created 20 November 2014 by hipster whale which is 3 guys called Andy mat and Ben.To win points you need to try and get little coins on the floor and get lots of money/to loose points you need to buy a character for 100 points.

  6. I have a nother game called shark dash. This is how you play it. You have a scally shark in a bath tub full of water. You’r shark can’t go out of the t7pub or you
    will loose a point and if you are out of the water for a long time you start agin!!! You have to get all the duck’s so you can go on the next levl.

  7. EA GAMES created NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2 AND CARBON. There are missions and lots of races to complete the more races you win the better car you can build. you can customize your car with colours pics epic wheels engines and lots more. You can play in 8 game modes like downhill drift street-x and showcase or just drive around the city. you can build a crew to win more points you have to stay on track and don’t get catched by police. you can represwent your cars to others and go to the shop to buy new parts for your cars. This a good game to play you need skills and need to know what you are doing it is also fun because you get to make your own car and make it look cool.

  8. At the moment I like to play Where’s my water 2 in this game there is a crocodial waiting to have a shower you have to make a path for the water to flow down the shower pipe you have to collect as many rubber ducks as you can along the way .If you get 3 or 2 rubber ducks you move onto the next level . If you only get 0 or 1 you try again.

  9. The game I play is EA sports FIFA 13 . How to play? You can go basic you be Mesi and you just score goals. FIFA 13 you cant lose in the game I am very good at scoring goals . If you want to play a match you can those your team I those Manchester city a lot of the time and score goals to win this game was made in 2013 because its called FIFA 13 . It was Nishants 12 birthday FIFA 13 was his present from me my mum and dad it was on the WII U .

  10. My boo. I like this game because I have to look after it feed it flood. Wash . And play with it. Oh different levels u get clothes food and other things. I can also play games.

  11. Some brilliant posts year 3! My favourite game is Minecraft but I need a LOT more practise. Perhaps you could all share some tips with me?!

  12. Minecraft is my favourite game, because you can build things that you can see in your dreams like labs, secret lairs and portals to go to places you have never seen. Minecraft is the easiest game to play to earn points and trophies, the way you earn points is by mining blocks and killing mobs.
    You can also make potions by getting a brewing stand and potion with glow stone dust.
    Minecraft is the weirdest game because you get things like obsidian blocks that you can only mine with a diamond pick axe, you can also get blocks that you have never imagined.
    It is a good way to learn not to kill animals, but to kills zombies, creepers, skeletons, slimes, blazes and many more.
    It is a good way as well for you to build your own house, bat cave and city.
    Minecraft is a game for you to play online and get skins that you have wanted on ps3 edition you can spawn in hero brine but be careful you dont want to get hacked by him, the way to tame him is by giving him 99 diamonds.
    Minecraft is a game for you to build portals, fight mobs and dig to caves to get and find gold, diamonds,iron and lapiz lazulu.
    Minecraft is a good way to learn about what you want to be when you grow up

  13. I like talking tom and if you tap toms head then he knockout and if you just got him then it shows you what to do like make tom eat so you drag food to Tom then he Will eat it but if he does not want it then he Will tern his head away from you he sleeps he plays.

  14. I like talking anjula and if you tap anjulas head then she falls to the floor and if you just got it then it Will show you what to do and it sleeps and plays and eats to make it eat you drag food to its mouth and if it does not want it then it Will tern its head away from you.

  15. I like minecraft because you can build anything. Like a rocket and a creeper statue and go to space with you imagination. If you take a chance then go on survival wear you haft to protect your self. Get diamond armour it protects you the most it is under ground wear the laver is. And creative is wear you can gust get things you need and in the wild there are hides monsters. That want to kill you for an example an creeper it will explode so keep your disuse to Mr creeper. its attacks are 49.regular.24.5 harts and 97.charged48.5 harts this is how to keep safe keep a good distance to stay out of range of their explosion attack with bow and arrows before resorting to melee weapons. Don’t do this get to close or it will explode did you know that you can dye your amour in your choice. Theses are your ratings for amour leather 3 and a have gold 5 and a have chain 6 iron 7 and a have diamond 10 did you know how to make a dog and a cat.This is how to make a dog get a wolf and a bone wath it at the dog. Now a cat get a ocelot and fish. To make a baby dog get 2 dogs and meat wath it at the 2 dogs.

  16. my favorite game is batman Arkham origins this game is a 3 action-adventure video game developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 video game consoles. Based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, it is the successor to the 2011 video game Batman: Arkham City and is the third main installment in the Batman: Arkham series. It was released worldwide on October 25, 2013.

    Written by Corey May, Ryan Galletta and Dooma Wendschuh, the game’s main story line is set five years before that of 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and follows a younger, less-refined Batman. A bounty is placed on him by crime lord Black Mask, drawing eight of the world’s greatest assassins to Gotham City on Christmas Eve. The villains, including the Joker and Anarky, take advantage of the chaos to launch nefarious schemes, while Gotham City police try to apprehend Batman. In this game your batman you can buy different batman suits like the thrilkiler or earth two suit there lots of villains like the joker, bane,death stroke.

  17. My favourite game is block 89 which is an game all on my iPhone. I have to rotate and guide the blocks and shapes to fit together. When I make a complete line of blocks I gain points. The more lines I get the higher the level I go but the blocks come down quicker and you have to place and rotate them quickly. I’m always trying to beat my highest level which is 24.

  18. My brilliant game is what celeb am I?the lady who designed that game her name was Sarah grimly also the company was called super stars.However this game is kind of a quiz because you have to Answer a lot of question anyway the question could be a lyric,style or a live performance. This game is quite hard, only a little bit and you can win thirteen points and loose five points,whatever celeb you like you would have to try and get him/ her.If you don’t get the question just go for it.this is how to win points
    1: how to win points.
    2: if you whant to win thirteen points you have to get all the questions right
    How to lose if you lose it is ok but that means you are not quite a big fan of your celeb.

  19. My favourite game is mine craft because you get to build worlds and houses and cities. Also volcanoes I have built 5 so far.on mine craft you can Get zombies,creepers and skeletons .

  20. FIFA 15 ultimilte team for short FUT15.How to play the game? First you can choose which team you want to be like Manchester City vs Arsenl then you play the match.How you win is you score goals score goals with you best player like Kun”Agrour.You can open packs with coins or Fifa ponits in the pack you get a player if it’s black player that’s inform if you get a blue that’s a team of the season if it’s gold that is rare player like Messi.You can make a squad by using players.

  21. My amazing game is called the magic land. There is a fairy and can sprinkl Magic to grow flowers. The magic fairy is called Elsa. She can fly high and low. She needs to collect 5 flowers to get more and more magic as she can.

  22. It,s also an app game it’s a poplaur game ever you can gane points by wining the races and you get your own car weopons it depends on which car you chose . The game name is speed racer 600043.

  23. It,s also an app game it’s a poplaur game ever you can gane points by wining the races and you get your own car weopons it depends on which car you chose . The game name is Need for speed

  24. Fifa13 the game is football when you get in to the game pick a team so like Manchester Utd vs Manchester City then you pick the kit if you get black black then it is harder to see your players.How to win
    if David Beckham scores or any player scores that’s how to win.When the match is over and you sin or lose that’s OK Because you still can get coins the Max is 5,000,000,000 coins you can also can get Fifa points you need to buy it for real money.Packs In the packs you get Inform is black and yellow or brownish color or silver when its blue that is evey expensive card if its rare gold that normally.

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