Adventurers are out there, we need your help!

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Hi there, we are Michelle and Michael. We love exploring and going on adventures. We have spent many holidays exploring the beach and we have decided we want to be adventurers, even one day famous explorers. But we don’t even know where to start. Can you help prepare us to be adventurers/ explorers? We are desperate to find out two things, firstly what makes a good explorer/ adventurer? And secondly we have our rucksacks but we have no idea what to pack for our adventures and why/ how they will help us on our travels. Please can you help us prepare for our adventures?

Thank you fellow explorers and adventurers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael and Michelle





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  1. Michael and Michelle, a good explorer is somebody who goes somewhere, and keeps exploring for a very long time. A bad explorer is somebody who goes far away, finds one amazing thing for example somebody finds a rainbow and just comes straight back home. I think that in your backpack you should take flint and steel because you can use it to: Light a fire to keep you warm, use the sparks to keep animals and flies away and if your going out in the night you can use it to light the top of a stick to light your way. Make sure you don’t put too many things in your backpack because it will weigh you down. You can also put in there a pocket knife because when you need to be rescued and there is a helicopter coming then you can tilt it to a certain angle so that the sun reflects on it and the helicopter pilot will spot you and take you back to safety. Hopefully my ideas will help you.

  2. Hi Michael its Emma here and I’m going to tell you some interesting things!
    A good explorer means Michael when your determined to do something and you keep on going no matter what happens.Like if there’s somthing scarie ahead or somthing like that. Also I have some advice try and remember to make a cunning plan and some cunning traps.

    Section 2 what to bring and why?
    I think you should bring some matches to use for these resions to keep yourself warm to use as a light to cook your food to make a torch with sticks. Also bring some sharp knifes to use as weapons.And make sure you don’t put to much to much objects in your rucksack. Also, bring some wool so you can make a bed and the last thing I suggest is some helmets and some more armour so you can fight some creatures that all I can tell you now but hope you have a wonderful adventures tell me how you get on see you later over and out.

  3. Hi this is Faysal and Thomas were trying to help you with your exploring first things first Think before you act and Thomas has a friend called bear grylls he is the most best explore because he has trained his mind and body to think before he knives because they can make you a weapon and make you a home also to kill a animal to eat it for food.A first aid kit because if you cut yourself with a knife then your going to need a bandage.You definitely need a rope to clime up an tree to make a tree house.Sticks because you can make a house using sticks and to make a fire and use to some traps but to make traps you need traps tools and them in woods and forest.You need dry clothes so say if you in water you would need to swap clothes.You are going to some leaves to camouflage Your shelter and to make it water proof and mostly it good bye

  4. To Michelle and michael.
    I am bloging to you so I can help you on your adventures journey these are all the things you need on your journey.You will need all saughts. So you will need matches ,botle,Mira,money.You will need those things for health and safety don’t forget food and wepends.

    All those things will keep you warm and safe it will also help you survive you will need money just incase there is a little shop .Also bring a compas incase you get lost.Bring an attraction for food like a delicious smell or use a fishing rod and attach it to meat and an animal will appear and set up a cleaver trap to kill the animal and eat it if you like.

    A Mira is useful for looking from a far distance.
    I hope my advice was usful.

  5. Michael and Michelle , I’m glad you asked me that because I’m not a fully stocked about exploring but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves . I think you are being very brave going up to all this trouble but you’ll do good,the first thing you will need is a place to go your at the beach now so. Don’t go to far away places yet, so go to your freinds house but go a different way because it’s not huge but it’s still something when you go so we’re more not dangers but not going to your freinds house so maybe a different country . Then you would need flint and still to keep you worm,make a fire,scare animals off,signals and food.cork screw to get water out of a tree and you won’t have to Cary water around all the time hope my ideas work bye

  6. Dear Michelle and Michael

    In your rucksacks you can bring a pair of glasses because they have 8 uses
    They light a fire,you could use them to scare of animals,to cook,make torches,to see what you do, to signal people when your in trouble.

    If you want to be a good explorer you need be brave and daring take lots of risks it’s going to take a lot of work but it is’nt going to be easy. It’s going to be tuf but we can do it so train hard and play hard. You are going to need to climb tree’s and hang off branches. You need to keep a diary to write down your storeys of intresting things you’ve need to know what’s healthy and whats deadly that’s it for now yours sinserly shaun & lewis

  7. You will need to pac a magnfingglass for these reasons.1.If you get stuck on a island you can reflected the sun on wood to make a fire so you can sigale boats plans or people.2.Also it can be used for scaring animales away by liting a fire around you and your shelter because animals are scared of fire so if they see it they will run away.3.This useful reesors can also be used for cooking your food because it lights fire so you will use that fire to boyel water which will boyle the food there are lots of ufer reasons but you will be able to find them . Your sincely Riley

  8. To be a explorer you need to be brave and strong you could bring a box of matches so you can make a fire’scare animals away from you’keep you worm. And light your way through the dark and a map to lead your way through the day and night.And a bottle so you can get water and drink it ‘(rinalds) don’t put to much belongings in your ruck sack because it will drain your energy.And the last object you could take with you is a knife just in case some animals are not scared of fire. That’s mostly it for now bye Michael and Michelle.

  9. Hello my name is Saira I have come to help you to be an explorer and help you you and Michelle pack you rucsack’s.A good explorer will never give and they are courageous and brave also soft hearted.They are brave and they are not scared of anything and do anything for anyone.Would you do that for anyone?

    You should pack light object’s because you will be traveling a lot and will be traviling to different country’s.You should pack Flint and steel so it will make you warm and scare away dangures animals and get a torch so wou will have some light at night so you can explore the forest’s and jungles.You should also take a mirror for looking from a far distance tou can use the back for a weapon and you can use it for a reflection.The last thing you should take is sharp knives because it can make you get food by killing animals.

  10. A great explorers take risks he uses his senses and collects items to figure out the problem.Mikel is always curious about creatures and objects that he finds on the beach and after he found the creatures and objects he goes and find and research about the creatures and the objects.Micheal needs two things in his ruckus so he can take it to the beach.A magnifying glass because
    You can see if there is poison spikes it is useful for seeing things close up My second choice is torch because when it is night time you can use you torch to light and up the place
    I hope that was helpful see you later Micheal and Michelle

  11. To be a adventurer you need to take items such as ropes becuase you could catch food and climb down cliffs safely and you will also need matches to light a fire on fire wood to keep you warm through the night and cook your food that you catch with the rope. You will also need warm clothes and coats for when it’s cold and tents to keep you dry if it rains through the night and something sharp to slay the animals if the rope don’t work to catch the animal. You will need a sleeping bag so you don’t get cold in the night and you will be more comftable than sleeping on the will also need a magnifying glass so you could if there’s anything small and dangerous and you will have to have a big bag to carry stuff around if you get lost like your tents,sleeping bags,matches,clothes,something sharp,rope and will also need water bottles to keep you hydrated through the journey/adventure and some instructions to help build your tents if you get lost and take them with you.

  12. Hi mikel and Michelle I got your messig.I will help you what you need to have knive to prtekt you incas you get atact.You also need to have good isit incas a bear is nire by.And you need a worm cowt incas you are in the antacid.You also can bring a fishing rod because you can cache fish and you can mack a raft out of of the main thing is a campuses because it shows the way to something.You also need a mang fin glass to see if there is poisons spikes and to see up clows.They are the mane things but onley pike 5 things but you need the knive because you might get atact spek to you soon.

  13. I will tell you how to be a good explorar. You need to no about difont places. You need a magnfingglass so you can make fires or camp fire. You will need lots of water so it will keep enagetik and never giv up no mater what.You will need a rop to clim very steep motins and roks and much much mor.You need practice because practice makes pufict you no.Triy yore best no mater what because you will no when yor good because you will be good.

  14. Don’t worry Michael and Michelle we are explorers in training it is our duty to help those who struggle.
    You will need…
    You can use this useful because you can use the lens to reflect (of the moon.) to light your way at night. Also you can reflect of the sun on wood to make a fire so at night you won’t freeze.
    You can replace the battery so when your fire runs out you can refill the fire with any old battery’s to start that exceptional fire.
    So you can also,once again refill the fire so you wouldn’t freeze.
    You can reflect the sun to some old wood to make a fire.
    To take pictures of special creatures.
    What makes a explorer…
    A great explorers abillatys are catching something by the coroner of the eye.
    You need to find mysterious creachures.

    Hear from you soon
    Exploreres in traing Thomas and Isobelle

  15. Hello I am Cheynelle I got your message and now I am here to help you go onto your journey and be explorers so I hear that you need so objects to go into your rusack. Here are the ideas
    Fishing rod because when you are starving you and Michelle you both get a fishing rod and go round the the neiborhood and see if there is a lovley flowing river,sea,ocean and go and catch some lovley fish
    Here is a nother idea a torch Michael and Michelle if you take a torch you can get your dinner and take the torch apart and then use the light to kill the fish if you find a lake,river,sea and ocean. Then when you have kill the fish leave it for a couple of hours and then eat it.

  16. Saterlite phone: this is what is for.You can call someone just incase of a emergency. So you can call the police if there is crime. You have to face your fears no matter have to use your senses.Always be aware of unique creatures.Always take risks.always collect objects on your journey. Always look at the things that cach your eyes.always think before you act.if you do go on an adventure plan before .always discover new things.

  17. Dear michlle to be a good explore you must look everywhere till you find treasure you be brave fear nothing all ways be aware of deadly creatures take Risks you must take bag that has life saving objects but do not pack to much equipment or else it will put weight on you And put your life indanger and a explorer thinks ahead , thinks before taking the treasure and some times camouflages when preadtor from abdi

  18. What makes a good adventurere are things like a magnifying glass and cameras and other gadgets like that and to be an adventurere is to think before you act and you have to take risks and find objects that you don’t know about and discover things that you don,t know about yet and you would need a rucksack for keeping things in your bag and like I said you have to take risks no matter what and you could use the rucksack for other things and you would use a camera so you could see the actual thing properly and keep track of what have happened so far and in case your battery runs out you could brings a pack of battery’s so you could find out more about it and have a recap about what has happened and you could use a bottle for portions of so thing like a portion of lava or rocks so you can discover a lot of the portion.

  19. This is Blessing I have been sent a message from you and I would love to help you. so what you need first is to pick some stuff that you would want to take with you and I would suggest that Michell and you should get a bag pack so that you could put all your stuff in there.Next I want you to put these stuff in your bags some water,a torch,a little bit of money,and a telescope,and a fishing rode. Then take a lighter so that when you want to eat your food you can light up your food to make it boil and make it wamer. Your senciley Blessing

  20. Hello adventures in training its me Thomas here is some more exiting tips
    Here they are…
    1)run a couple miles a day.
    2)be strong
    3)be clever\smart
    4)you have to be good at making things.
    5)be good at reading maps.
    what to put in your rucsac…
    1) camera
    so you can reflect from the sun to make a fire so at night you won’t freeze.
    Also at night you can reflect of the moon to light your way.
    Battery:You can, when your fire runs out you can place them in to rifill it.

    • Good idea Leo, I love the fact that you can call someone if you need help. I hope Michelle and Michael use a satalight phone.

  21. You always have to take risk’s no matter what you have to do.always
    us your sense even if you have to smell,taste, see or smell because if you do you know what it is like.
    One of the most things have to do is always look at the things that cach you’re eyes

    • You are not going to believe where I have just been, I have been to the caves!!! It’s so amazing but you will need…
      1)winter boots so you can climb.
      2) a rope so you can climb up steep rocks.
      3) 2 axes so you can climb one by one.
      4) strong legs so you can climb quickley.
      5)strong arms so you can pull your self up. That means that’s all for now I am going to blog to blog to see you soon bye.

  22. Wow guys we didn’t expect such an incredible response to our blogs. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on our blog and commenting on each other’s, we are so touched. Michelle and I have just received 6 postcards from some adventurers who were keen to show us their adventures. We wonder what these places are like to go on an adventure? Could you help us describe how we could make it through these places? What tools will help us? We need your help! I’ll share the postcards with you tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you soon

      • Yes we can’t wait to see the postcards but you will have to take some stuff to help you with your journey you will have to have a sword to chop leaves,trees and to slay animals that try to attack you if you’re in a jungle.If your going under water you will need a breathing tank to help you breath a net to catch fish for something to eat when you’re on the land and a camera to show people what you saw.If your in the desert you will need a shovel to dig for water and filter to clean the bacteria out the water.speak to you tommorrow.

      • I told you I will speak to you today about the adventure you will need a pickaxe to mine the Rocks to get through ,to use as a weapon to protect yourself and to make a fire and you can bring a torch to see and to brake the glass to use as a weapon to and to get the batterys to rub them together to make fire you can also bring a knife to so you can catch your food and make a fire and It can kill danourgus animals from renee and Emma.

      • Miichal I had the most fasinaiting adventure ! I can’t wait to tell you all about it .So I,was on a recked ship there were cracks and broken bits I needed a pac a mac coat I case one of the sails broke . I also needed to bring three packs of matches one for fiere one for warmth one for food. We will also need flint and steel to light fire if you loose your packet and you can use it to light a fire . On this adventure you will need three things like Flint and steel a pac a Mac coat and matches.You could use these items for all slaughts. You could use them for any idea. Like using them as sails.

    • Today I saw your postcards I went to the seven seas today I felt just like a real pirate.I saw all of the other postcard they were fantastic they were fantastic.I can’t wait to see you tomorrow see you soon by the way I am blogging to you tomorrow bye

    • Dear Micah and Mshel . I Just went on a advencher in the jungle which was awesome .I can not tell you much but I will tell you more tomorrow .so by for now I will see you tomorrow.

    • I will tell you more this is the beginning of me.
      :) so tip1 stay close to your instructor.
      2 have a good stamina.
      3 get water for hidration.
      4 get camoflage.
      5 kill your pray.
      6 get a shelter.
      7 get a extra t shirt to sleep under.
      That’s it for today bye!

    • Hello again your going to need 3 things T-shirt matches and water bottle because thes all have 3 different reasons the t shirts useful because you can cover your face in a sand storm so the sand doesn’t get in your mouth and nose and to fish out crabs and lobsters also if you dig down at night and use it for a blanket.use matches to light your way and for fires and to scare of animals.use a water bottle for hid ration and to clean yourself also to dig up a dried riverbed.
      Just saying this is a survival of a desert not a jungle.

    • Hi this is isobelle these are some of the tools we use.The first one is a head torch because if it is dark you will be able to see better.2.goggles:because there is deep waters there and if you fall your eyes won’t get saw.3.rope:because you will need to swing across.

      See you tomorrow

    • Michael I have some advise for you when your on your advencher you you’ll need your t-shirt to cach the fish but it’s geting dark so you need to lite a fire its also good for cooking and now a sand storm is coming so the t-shirt can cover your face to protect your self you are geting dehydrated so have some water and youse the botel to dig and get more water and fill it with stones to attract animals and friten them off and in a hole put a t-shirt down and sleep bye

    • Dear mishel and Micah. Like we promised we are writing about the advencher to the jungle.You will need a sword ,for choping down trees for wood to bild a shelter,also you will need rope to bild the shelter to hold the piceis in place.rope to build a snaier to cach an animel. Later you come back kill the animel with the sword and make a fire by reflecting the sun of the magnifineglass onto a pice of wood to roast the animel wich is a you need your rope to clime down the cith safely and back up the other side of the clth.You need a sword to slic leefs in your parf and put them on your shelter. Good luck.

  23. Saterlite phone: this is what is for.You can call someone just incase of a emergency. So you can call the police if there is crime. You have to face your fears no matter have to use your senses.Always be aware of unique creatures.Always take risks.always collect objects on your journey. Always look at the things that cach your eyes.always think before you act.if you do go on an adventure plan before .always discover new things.

  24. Today I went onto a creaky ship that had cracks in so I carefully avoided the cracks on the way.I used a telescope so I see things in the water.

    I will see you later bye I wil blog to you tomorrow

  25. Hi this is Tamsin and Leo we got the postcards that you sent to us and we have been thinking about it and we thought that you shouldn’t go too far but don’t always go to the beach because it gets boring. We think you should go far out to sea in a boat and go scubadiving but make sure you have all the right gear before you go. Don’t forget to take a camera! Speak to you tomorrow. From Tamsin and Leo

  26. You are not going to believe what adventure I had In the caves.a head torch so you don’t bump in it.i will see you tomorrow

  27. I can speak to you today but I will speak to you more tomorrow well if you are going to the Antarctic you will have to bring some weapons and you can use them to kill animals on the way to your adventure that’s it for now and I Will tell you more things tomorrow
    Renee and emma

  28. This is Shaun and Latesha were mini exsplores and we have some tips for you , 1) when your in the desert you will need a shuval too dig holes too find water , too find shells as well that’s all we have for now we will speak later bye

  29. So Michael I can tell you a bit more about helping you go on a adventure so you would need climing boots for claiming up humungus trees so you can get coconuts to drink and you will need to wear jeans and top so when you walk through the leaves so you do not get hurt by the thorns

    That is all thar I can tell you now I will tell you more later on

    See you later.

  30. Thanks a great start to get us thinking about our new adventures. Can’t wait wait to hear more about your adventures tomorrow. Thank you explorers and adventurers out there. You have been such a great help

      • If you are in the desert you will need a second t-shirt ,machines and a water bottle.All of them resorsis are usfull the t-shirt is usfull for caching fish,in a sand storm cover face and dig a hole and pot the can use the machines for cooking,Singtel Fire and to get food.Also the water bottle is help full for clecting water,dig a hole and put Rox into the bottle also sand then shak.

    • If you want to survive a cave you need rope swing make a trap and to Hit animals you and you need a head torch to stun an animals that are deadly and to see were as a flare and you need a goggles to see under the sea

    • Hi this is latesha from last time I’ve got some more tips for you and I’ve been on my edvencher now but I’ll start with the tips this is the first tip for you hope they work
      1) T-shirt : a tornado came and we needed to use to put over are mouth and nose so you don’t get that sand tast in your mouth.
      2) T-shirt : dig a hole in the group preferably in dried up sand because if it’s wet your going to get wet to make a bed .
      3) T-shirt : use the shirt as a small fishing net to cach fish,
      crab and octopus
      4) water bottle : too dig down deep to find water lots of it
      5) water bottle: use the water from the hole to drink from your bottle.
      6) water bottle : put stones and sand in the bottle to attract animals to kill for your supper
      7) maches : scare of animals
      8) maches : mack a fire .
      9) maches : too cook
      That’s what we did and it was a lot bye

  31. Michael I have been on loads of adventures my first adventure was Antartica and it was very cold in Antartica and in Antartica you would need a life boat so you don,t drown and the water is cold like Norway and you will need to watch out for avalanches because they can kill you and you will need a hivis jacket so you don,t get lost and kill yourself and you will need warm layers so you are warm obviously.

    My second adventure was the dessert and sure it was hot so you would obviously need bottles of water

  32. Under the sea,we need 3 peaces of rope and sord and picacax walk fowered 9 then get rope

  33. Hi Michael today we went on a adventure we were on a ship.we had to avoid the cracks on the floor and we also made a fire.Also we used pac a Mac-means a coat it was a great and fun adventure being on a abandoned ship with my teacher Mr Denny today.

    I will see you later Michael and Michelle

  34. Hi Michael if your going to the jungle you will need to slowly crouch and walk so you don’t get seen by any brown bears,lions,tigers and will need to use you’re magnifying glass to reflect the sun onto some fire wood.Then you will have to use you’re sword to slay some dangerous animals to get food or to save yourself then you will need a rope to climb down a steep cliff safely. Then you will need the magnifying glass again to identify any small poisonous or dangerous animals around.Now you will have to use the rope again to climb up a cliff safely.Now you will need you’re sword to chop leaves down that are in you’re path.Now you will use the rope to save a monkey and it’s family from falling of a cliff.Now you will need your sword again to get more food and chop trees down for fire wood.Finnaly you will have to use the magnifying. glass to reflect the sun again to make another fire wood and cook you’re food

  35. Under the sea is great just that Thomas got a bit in trouble I hope he’s all right it’s not so big and dangerous in the part of the sea that we where in but it was great well almost because I really feel bad about Thomas getting hurt well trapped he got trapped it was amazing though you should of heard the awesome descriptions that we said infact you should of been there because you could of been in the tour as well see you soon,from Lewis

    P.s I’m not really going there’s a case to crak because someone knows everyone’s email and name Emma and I have been done with it so far.

  36. Under sea the there are some things you need to survive but just it’s going to be a great adventure first of all your going to need a pic-axe,sword,rope but your gong to have three of each incase one breaks or if you double tasking for example if you were in the deap sea you could rap your rope around your picaxe you could swing it over your head and throw it your hardest on a tall strong Rock and pull it tightly so you can more grip to pull your self up.A sord is a tiny bit useful in the water but in the water its best for close combat against sharks and box jelly fish and predators it can also make Fire by rubbing two swords together but it’s not going to be useful in water it will just spark a tiny bit a tiny bit and if you make glow your amazing.A rope is useful for helping people get out holes.

  37. Michelle,Michelle today I had the greatest adventure since the last time I saw you I can’t wait to tell you about it.I went to the 7 seas today I took a mack a pack coat in case I got cold or if one of my sails broke I could use a mack a pack coat.I also took Flint and steel so we could light candles in case the matches ran out and to keep us warm.We also took flint and steel because we could through it into the water to see if we can catch anything.We also took it so we could scare animals.We took matches so they could keep us warm.We also took them so scare animals and eat food.

  38. Hi Michael, we went on an adventure out to sea and we took: 3 Pac-a-Mac’s, 3 Flint and Steel and 3 matches. We used one Pac-a-Mac as a sail for our ship because the sail broke. We had to put the other Pac-a-Mac on because there was a storm coming and the last one we used it because we were getting cold. We used the first Flint and steel to light the end of a stick to catch something to eat, the other one we used to light a candle and the last one we had to re-light the candle. With the matches we used 2 of them because we had to re-light the candle because the strong wind kept on blowing it out and the last one was for lighting a fire to keep you warm. Hopefully this should help, speak to you soon

  39. I told you I’d talk to you today so it’s really great under the sea but Thomas c got into a little bit of trouble because he. Got stuck in a hole so we had to help him out we also found a very tall tower so we got a rope and a pickaxe. And tied the rope to the picke and done the rope dobble noted to the picke and through the rope to the top of the tower and we found some. Dimonds and emeralds at the top of the tower it was cool speak to you after school so this is about it goodbye. …

  40. WOW you are not believe where Molly and I have gust been.
    We have been under the caves. You will need these 3 things..
    They are…
    1)goggles because there is deep water under the caves so you will need these so you can see where you are going so you don’t bump into rocks and brake your coller bone and rush to hostiple.
    2)goggles are also use-fill because under Water you can see undandred animals that harm you.
    3)Also you can use goggles because you can use the plastic (out of Water) to use it as knife and harm other creatures and harn them (wich is rude) but it’s to save your life. The other object is…
    1)a head light so you can light your way.
    BYE!!! From Thomas and Molly

  41. So you are going to need a torch so that you can see in the dark it is getting very dark now so you will need to be carefull of what you do. Then you wil need a pikaxe so that you can use it as a weapon and so that you can rubb it against the floor to make fire for your dinner.Then you can take a knife so that you can kill the animal that you are going to eat for your tea.Also you can use a torch again and brake the top of the torch and make it into a knife.

  42. So as I said I will speak to you later on I have now thought of some more objects you will need a sharp terrifying sword you will need to use the sword for wild animals so you will have to stab them in there annoying stomach so then when you have done that you will have to clean the sword on the leaves or grass to clean the sword and then you can use that sword for when you eat you scrumshas dinner.also what you can have is a rope you can use the rope for when you see a humongous mountain or clif you will need to swing the rope onto the top of the tree and safely climb up the tall tree.
    Speak to you later on proberly 4:30pm by michell

  43. Yesterday I had a great adventure at Antartica and it was so cold in Antartica and with me I took a pickaxe an torch and a knife and you would need extra warm layers and I would take more things but my rucksack would be to heavy and then I wouldn’t be able to travel and Antartica is way colder than Norway and it is cold like Norway and you would need to watch your back for avalanches because they can kill you and if Antartica shakes and you see frost and a lot of snow comes that means a Avalanche so always watch your back because if you don’t you are going to die and since you have not been there you will need a coat warm layers a hi viz jackets you don’t get lost and the knife is useful for hunting food and chopping the fish to eat and the pickaxe was for breaking ice and I will talk about more see you later alligator

  44. Hi my name is Faysal.I’m telling you again on how to prepare for an adventure first of all a knife, this will be used for lots of things such as carving a home out of wood and killing animals for food.You will also need the knife to protect yourself.There are loads more but i cant use all my time telling you about this object that will be boring. Next is a rope,a rope is just like the knife but not the same explanation back to the rope it can be used for when helping someone,say if they were stuck in a hole you can use this rope to help them get out.I can use it as a lasoo as Mrs Denny demonstraighted with me,Thomas,Lewis and Ronald .A picaxe can be used with the rope say if there was a tall tower you could throw very very very hard to get it around the tower and hold it tight so you can get a good grip and pull yourself up but if you don’t have a good grip you might fall of or it might snap so thats why you carry three of each but it might way you down a little.A water bottle would do great but don’t have to put to much food in or i don’t know what happens if you to much food ask Thomas or something anyway back to the bottle it can cool you down and dehidrate you and give you more energy.A camera will say if you went on adventure and some people didn’t belive you could show them the pictures and that will convince them that you went on adventure i think.Lighters could single for help and to start a fire and to scare away any animals that will attack and like say if you wonted a surten area you could light them around that area.

  45. Hello this is Brandon checking in with Michael and Michelle. I am off exploring the coastline of Caister this week in the notorious Norfolk.
    I will be checking out anything that looks mysterious or unidentified, for example unusual footprints in the sand, I will also be taking my fellow explorer family with me to see some tigers and monkeys at Thrigby Wildlife Gardens and also some creatures that have been around since the dinosaur times which are known as crocodiles which are located in the Amazonia area of Great Yarmouth.
    So my fellow explorers I will update you on my findings on my return which should be in a week, if I don’t happen to return then please send out Mr Wolmarans and Mrs Denny to search for me as I don’t want to miss the YOU KNOW WHAT on June 1st.

    • Hi Michael and Michelle, it’s Brandon checking in again.
      I have been thinking about what I will need for my next adventure.
      I will be taking my torch to help me see, my helmet in case I explore some caves. I will also need my compass and my binoculars.
      I will also include a pen and notepad along with my camera to report and photograph my findings.
      All of this I will be packing into my sturdy waterproof backpack with my sleeping bag and water bottle attached on the outside.

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