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Welcome Year 3 bloggers, this is the second part of your ‘imaginary worlds’ home learning challenge. You need to describe your imaginary world in more than 200 words, comment on at least one other year 3 entry to the blog and be able to act on advice given to make your blog even better. Remember you have 3 weeks to do this and all these points need to be completed by Friday 12th December 2014. You must all complete your homework as you all agreed to and signed the home school agreement. Here are some tips to help with your writing:

* how did you enter your world

* let your imagination run wild and describe inside your world

*use all your senses

* add powerful words, similes and even metaphors

Happy blogging! I look forward to reading them,

Mrs Denny

68 thoughts on “Year 3 Home Learning Challenge 2014

  1. I got in my rocket and zoomed into outer space I landed with a bump on a strange planet called zoop. It was bouncy and it was quiet and it smelled like ice cream. I had a look around and saw a big big shooting star and a rainbow which was there all the time. Because it was in space people had to wear space suits they were very cool. The planet was very nice and there was no noise at all there was a river that was going down a waterfall we jumped across the water easy because the land was bouncy and the air helped us to bounce.

  2. To get into my Chocolate world, I had to eat loads of chocolate bars! I ate so much my tummy rumbled and exploded. Then the whole world got covered in chocolate! That’s my chocolate world :)

  3. Life in zoop was always quiet and peseful no body moaned or was natye evrywon was happy in planet zoop. We jumped about onto difrent planets we did lots of star gazing and tried to make shapes and pictures out of the stars. It was a dark planet with lots of people in space and the rainbow made it a little lighter. The stars shined like the moon sparkling at night the planet smelled amazing just like ice cream but you couldn’t eat the planet that would be silly.

  4. I have done a fairy and christmas dream world. I have put santa in my dream world project because every christams santa puts lovley gits under your christmas tree so that is why I put santa in my dream world. Santa has a white beard. He has a big tummy and a red plus he has red clothes that make him feel really warm. I put a snowman because on christmas it somtimes snows and i thought that the fairys could build a snowman with the snow. I have put a glittery pinecone in my dream world because I thought it would look outstanding. I have done the sky black because I thought a ebony sky would be better than a blue sky. I have put glittery snow in because on christmas it sometimes snow.

  5. I have done a fairy and christmas dream world. I have put santa in my dream world project because every christams santa puts lovley gits under your christmas tree so that is why I put santa in my dream world. Santa has a white beard. He has a big tummy and a red plus he has red clothes that make him feel really warm. I put a snowman because on christmas it somtimes snows and i thought that the fairys could build a snowman with the snow. I have put a glittery pinecone in my dream world because I thought it would look outstanding. I have done the sky black because I thought a ebony sky would be better than a blue sky. I have put glittery snow in because on christmas it sometimes snow. I also have done it in 3D. I put on a tree and the stalks are pointy, it is spiky. My tree is light green. It is super tall. I have put a 3D house in my dream world it is powerfully big and strong. The house has lights that sparkels and plus my house is really white. I have put snow in my project. The snow is very white. The snow also is glittery and it has real glitter on it! :-)

  6. I get in to Chocolate world by saying “I want to be in Chocolate World” into a special chocolate bar. Then everything turns to chocolate, including me! Now I can buy loads of chocolate for a chocolate coin, it’s awesome.

  7. Chocolate World you have Chocolate cars people,laptop,houses stuff like that TV well they have rainbow colors if it’s like Chocolate it will look brown and they can’t see it.

  8. My imaginary World
    In my world people aren’t actually , people .They are more like Elves. The Elves don’t really get food like us humans , they have to go to a special river and wish for their food. I WISH I COULD DO THAT ! Did you know that Elves fly? Elves are extremely friendly, They are as friendly as Santa Claus . The women wear shorts, and the men wear skirts. Isn’t that strange? All the women’s hair are as pointy as a porcupine. And all the men’s hair are as long as Rapunzel. The Elves eyes sparkle in the dark. This wonderful land is very difficult, because you never know where you are going. At Christmas time everyone is just so glum because it’s ever so cold.
    In my imaginary world the humongous houses are made of, honey cobs ,lickerish, and hard chocolate . The way they travelled on long journeys is they go on a flying pony they really find it interesting .The pony’s eat bubble gum grass . YUM YUM !But even better the Elves eat every sweet thing known to man. The trees are made of blue and pink cotton candy. In this imaginary world everything is not natural. :)

      • Sounds incredible. Fantastic use of similes. Your description has really helped me build an image in my head of what your world would be like. Could you add some metaphors?

  9. Suddenly out the corner my eye I saw a glittery path so I followed it through the forest where I saw In front of me a monkey in a tree also a baby lion was trying to climb the tree, I think the lion was chasing the monkey, also all the flowers that where everywhere smelt lovely, as I was walking forward I saw what was a humongous portal so I went through it and in front of me was a massive hospital/vets. When I walked in I smelt a beautiful smell that made me feel like I was in a pit of roses. I felt a soft and bouncy bed and then I noticed that there was a baby snake on the soft and bouncy bed.As I was walking by I saw glistening walls all around me.Then I ate the most amazing food I have ever tasted before it tasted like orange with a hint of mint.
    Then I heard a noise coming from the beginning of the room it was not a bad noise but it was a great noise it was a little bit croaky because it was a snake singing that had a poorly throat . The lion was trying to make a big noise but his throat wouldn’t let him.

  10. my world is about cars. I love cars because they are fast and they cool .
    I also customize my cars so they look awesome ,when they are racing

    I have sooo many cars in my world . booster is the fast car in my world .
    speedy is the most colourful car and he is THE COOLEST car in the whole world .flying eagle he is the racer on the 3rd line he is very good at over taking cars in the race but he can never beat booster as booster is the fastest racer the the world

    one of my cars are so cool Santa clause even rides in it.

  11. when I entered my world all I can smell is oil and petrol and then I noticed there was no people and I saw cars that could talk

    I have made friends with a car called booster he said that this world is called cars world I was so happy because I love cars and I get to go in fast cars that had no speed limit

    I also met a car named speedy he was so colourful and so cool and he let me have a ride in his car and he drove of in a cool way I

  12. My planet is called planet zoxs, it is a planet that is made out of energy this planet is in a galaxy called death way there mysterious beings called super ninja they are so powerful that the can destroy a planet with one energy blast,they are so cruel and evil that they destroy lots of galaxy’s some legends say that if you destroy there planet it will be over for the planet is so powerful that if you launch a nuclear bomb it would make planet zoxs grow bigger than the sun.My planet has it’s own moon called spinjutzu and a sun called sayains. Planet has a giant rock that spins round this planet moving 222,333,7867,000 mph per minute.If you want to enter the planet you must know the first spinjutzu master and if you tell a lie the guardian will grind you to dust if you are a human a lighting bolt will kill you,and there is plenty bolts that hit you.

  13. carefully I step,t into my amazing time machine I set it to some random time and I ended up in stamp,s lovely world in the. The first place he showed me around his amazing house I was shocked what I could hear what he said he tout me what to do when there is trouble and how to defeat hit the target then l for lee joined the game he has loads of good weapons he tout me how to attack mobs . the next day we went to stamps fun land the first game we played was basket ball it was an amazing draw then we played football it was fun we had three rounds it was my favorite game in mine craft. Next morning we had a trip to the nether it was so frightening I was shivering but it was fantastic I really liked it but sadly I had to go back home it was amazing in his world.

  14. Three years later I traveled once again I went to visit stamp,y then we played games all day long but then he disappeared then me and l for lee went looking for him we .spent years looking for him but there was no sign of him we wondered. were he could of been but we had no clue. were he could be then we both went to his base. to go to the future we still could en,t find him still so we looked for him for days and. years but we still could en,t find. him then we remembered that we haven’t looked in the nether we went to the nether and we finally found him.

  15. I thing the imaginary worlds are very cool and great and i liked all of them especially mine of cores i put my back in to it and I made it all by my self with no help and plus mine is big and colurful and niet

    • the imaginary worlds were amazing and awesome and great and all the kids who made them were very proud of them selves and when they were put up for display the year4 were very shocked and the year5 and the year6 were as well they were like WOW you should have seen there faces it was so funny very very funny and they wished they could make one like us year3and4 and all of them were steering at the projects

  16. Suddenly, boom, in a legendary land with lots of rock boulders it smelled like the sea, it never got better.
    I was wondering around when in the corner of my eye I saw a titanium statue. It was amazing, then crack, a porthole opened and an ugly person arrived. He was mean and deadly, then the ground shook wildly. Boom, smash, bang, it was so loud it hurt my ear drums and some pretty cool giants smashed out from there titanium shells.
    A rock guy knocked the porthole master down too easy, said rock guy. He kicked the porthole master home, into space, into a never galaxy. I glazed at them they also had elements. They were Earth magic fire diamond air tech water and bones. They looked at me I had no words to say. Then they showed me different dimensions. One of them were called planet dragon. I had a shield around me then mars then venues then the moon then we came back home. And a robot was inferring are galaxy and dosing are homes. I thought it was rude they got in poison ready to battle. Then SMASH crunch the people got crunched. I knew I had to help so I agree I went. BOOOOOOOOOM and expansive gold power it was amazing and mined bowing. I never knew I was capable of doing this. Then I smashed it crumble. DOWN I said. They thanked me for that they pooed me down as a titanium statue it was amazing. It was time to go so I said good bye then I was back in are fantastic wold.

  17. I think the imagery worlds were really really good and they were amazing and awesome and I think that the kids that made them were very very proud of them slave and I was to and we had over 10 project oh! i mean imagery worlds and it was made by year3 and 4 like seriously were not year5 and 6 and we made perfect projects

  18. My world is set along a long windie path from the start of the path everything glisens with multi-coloured tree tops looking like they are made of candy floss .
    Its smells like different perfumes all mixed together ,along the path are animals everywhere from monkeys to lions its like a farmyard meets a jungle .
    at the end of the path there was a portal I counted to 3 and dived in once I was through I was surprised to see some poorly animals being treated by other animals .To help make them feel better they can look out of the window and see all the beautiful flowers and the very tempting river and they know when they dive in they will be greeted by the fish .
    What a beautiful place to visit I wish there was a real place like this somewhere so calm and relaxing but with so much to do .
    There was a monkey playing with a lion who had been poorly the monkey was being his play buddie because he had no one else to play with .
    I could see the animals playing hide and seek .Everyone was having so much fun. I love it here..

  19. My imaginary world is a jurasic park world, everywhere has dinosaurs and places for them to live. There are so many different ones, there are t-rex, teridactol, triseratops, diplidocus,brakeesorus, and so many other different breeds of dinosaurs even anacondas which are really big snakes about 20+ feet there was a volcano that killed all living things. I was so happy when I was making my world as I had to find out about the different sorts of dinosaurs that was about before they was all killed by the volcano all the million years ago… If there was dinosaurs about still to this day I would love one as a pet. There was tar pits all over the place and some of the trees would full over as the tar would hit them dinosaurs would have to watch out were they would walk or they may have fell in the anacondas would eat the baby dinosaurs even eggs from birds and other different breeds of dinosaurs so there mum and dads would have to keep an eye on them all…

  20. My imaginary world ” Under Sea”
    In my imaginary world there is under sea animals,and some are magic some are not.In my box there are some special animals like: snakes,a gold and shiny fish,a magic tree, because it saves things,dolfins,hippos and ducks. Food for animals,and shark .,if the animals go near him he will say… hi, can you play with me?” Guess what animals do talk?,and the snakes are flyffy and they are colourfull.If something red comes this means the, three sharks will come.And they do reading every day and night,and they do righting is well.
    This is all about my store,
    I hope you liked it.

  21. P.S I have a secret I wear a bracelet with a magic powder ,and when they have
    troubles the bracelet makes a light and I transform in a mermaid.Like this I go in my imaginary world

  22. My homework is funky also it is sparkly and pretty. I entered my world by saying three magical words and twirling round and round till I opened my eyes and saw this fantastic place! As I looked around in amazement I saw so many beautiful things, the gorgeous flowers caught my eyes, the were so cute, it was like a ray of sunshine, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    As I wondered around this interesting village, I saw two ducks just floating happily together, not fussed at all about all the loud noise coming from the cars and vans, which were all shimmery and glittery.
    Continuing my walk around this extraordinary village, I came across this lovely bakery and it smelt divine and might I add, that the cream cake I had was out of this world.
    There were so many things to look at, I didn’t know where to go next. It was all like a dream to me. On the street front there were other fantastic shops and my favourite being the Pizzeria and The Ice-Cream Parlour only because I am always as hungry as a horse.
    After a long day shopping in my favourite cloths shop and eating the most yummiest food, I was staying at a fancy Bed & Breakfast that was near the entrance for the night. I am going to sleep like a baby, I am so tired, it feels like I have ran a marathon. I love my world, it is the best!

  23. in my imaginary world i have a ,kid pool, parent pool, primary school, town,and i made lots of people there were 12 girls and 14 boys and they were brothers and sisters

  24. My world is magical. It has a sparkly waterfall where u can swim at the bottom and it is all different colours. It has mountains with houses on and sheep. And it has a forest with all different colours where fairys live .

  25. In my world it is all about Minecraft. There are 3 different worlds. Nether, village, mine.
    To get in to I dug under the surface and I saw a grass block. I dug that block when I dug that there was a hole. I fell down the hole then I landed in to the world of Minecraft.

    The people were wearing green brown and lots of other clothes. I saw wells that looked rather weird. I saw house made out of wood I thought all house are made out of bricks. I roamed around the world. I saw trees. it looked like a forest. I explord in the forest.I saw some thing purple. I went in side it. It looked scary. I saw Lava orange red and yellow. I saw scary creature. it put on me fire

    in the village there was some thing dark it looked like a cave it was very I mean very dark. It had lots of stone it looked dull and grey but it is a place that
    you can lost your self. There is a raw and precious thing that you can get is diamond, the best thing in Minecraft .

  26. I think the imagery worlds where super super super great and very very very good and I was so proud of the kids who made them and the kids who made them where proud of them self and i was so amazed by there true work of art and i loved that they used different colours

  27. I think the imagery worlds were…I don’t have any words all i have to say is they blue my mind away I was like wow I loved it

  28. My favourite game is Injustice Gods Among us because it has Nightwing in it and its a fighting game and I like fighting games.Injustice Gods Among us is a DC game with characters like Superman Batman Wonder Woman and Aquaman and they are all DC characters.You can do challenges like Superman and Green Lantern(red son) which we have finished in 5days.If you complete the challenge you will get a character.The game game is about Mortal Combat vs Cap Com my favourite character is the 6th version of Superman.My favourite move is Frozen Delivery this is how it goes well first he does 2 fully swings and then Freeze Breath then he gets wood out of the ground and then he Heat Visions the wood and it chucks into a ball and then he throws it and then KABOOOM

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