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Can you write about the life of one these children? As if you are that child,for example, My name is Louisa May….

Wow me with the quality of your writing? Watch out for my comments so you can make it even better? Make sure you comment on each other’s . Get blogging….

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  1. The little girl.

    I am called Violeta Jane Malificent and I am 5 years old. I have a big brother called Ben and a little brother called Jack. I live with my mum called Julie and my Dad called John I live at number 8 war meadow court. A war started so I had to go live far far away from my parents and I had to get new parents called Bob and my Layla and I was split up with my brothers and I got new brothers and sisters and they changed my last name to Courtney so my name would be Violeta Jane Courtney. And I would live at 11 pie squwere court in new yourk.

  2. I had to have different parents because unfortunately both my parents died on the 14th of September 1941 It was very scary being evacuated because I didn’t know anyone around me at my new home.

    When I started my new school I was terrified, scared and sad, all at the same time and then a little girl came over to me and said “Do you want to be my friend?” and I said “Yes please” and then we went off to play together.

    My lovely new mummy was waiting for me at the gates she said your new friend lives down the road from us and I know her mum so maybe one day you can go round and play.

  3. The Little boy

    Hello my name is Dominik Vicoub I was born in Poland, Bydgoszcz. My parents names are Demeatrea Vicoub which is my father and Sereatun Vicoub my mother .
    My farther is in the army. I DESPISE WARS ! because of my father has to go and fight and I have to evacuate .And sometimes my sibling and I have to depart and it makes me feel isalated :(.A war is coming up and unortunutly the attack is coming from the most raisest country thre world Germany !!!!!!!!!!!! and that means that I have to move out for some months to Przemysl I wish they would realise that everyone is the same .

  4. Hi my name is Patsy May Jones I am 6 years old.
    I have just been evacuated form my home in London . I have two brothers they are called Ben and Michael. My mum and dad are called Mitsy and john. Me and my brothers have to split up it was so sad at the train station saying good bye I hope I see them again very soon when I get home from the countryside.

  5. I am Casbian I am evacuated but I am really nervous and I might die because the war is near are school and I am 11years old and I am always scared and my Brothers and my Sister called Katsumi and Nessier they are so jealous of me because I am 11 and the rest are younger than me and my sibilings are both 9years old and they are not scared of are school next to the war then 1day later every one in the war found out about us then Germany tryed to explode my school then I made a weapon deflecter then the bomb exploded the nazis and nearly hit Hitler then Katsumi and Nessier got scared of Casabian then Casabian was not scared of the war being next to the war

  6. WORLD WAR SAGA 1!!!11!!!!1!1!11! After the bomb hit Hitlers nazis Hitler was paring and being racist to his hole country then England had a real proper fight with GERMANY!!!!!!!! AND THEN HE STARTED TO BE RACIST TO ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN KATSUMI AND NESSIER COULD NOT STAND TO WATCH THE WAR!!!!

  7. SAGA OF BADNESS!!!!!! After all that nonsense about Hitler paring and being racist to his country and England should I tell you what else happend I would do it anyway well after Katsumi and Nessier started crying Casbian went out side and then he gave a weapon deflecter to England and then germany lost WW2 because Hitler commit suicide then school ended and then it was Casbians birthday and then Katsumi and Nessier said it was really brave of what you did and then Katsumi and Nessier said sorry to Casbian the I forgave my siblings

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