This is a message from SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate). We have your first mission and the mission title is reconnaissance! We want to know who this CAPTAIN AMERICA character is? Where he comes from? What is his past and can we trust him?

Go ahead agents – dig up the dirt!


  1. Captains America is a fictional character. He was a super hero. He first appeared in captain America comics. As of 2007 an estimated 210 million copies were sold in 75 countries. He was the most popular character during the war time. Steve Rogers was his name. He was purportedly assassinated in captain America vol 5 although he was later revealed to be alive.

  2. Captain America is Steve Rogers and was a puny weeny American soldier in the second world war
    He signed up for an experiment to make himself a super soldier.
    He became REALLY REALLY super strong and fast but he had to take a special all the time

  3. Captin America is a super hero he part of a team called the avengers earths mightiest heros his unique power is an unbreakable shield it can go through anything.

  4. Captain America is a fictional character who is a super hero in comic books. He first appeared in Captain America comics dated march 1941 captain america’s comics sold in 75 countries. He wears a costume that bears an american flag motif with an indestructive shield that can be thrown as a weapon. Super hero team the avengers, in the avengers #4 march 1964. Captain america has no superhuman powers although as a result of the super soldier serving and vita-ray treatment. He is transformed from a frail young man into a perfect speciman of human development and conditioning. Captain america’s strength endurance ability speed reflex as durability and healing are out of the zenith of natural human potential body replenishes the super soldier serum it does not wear off.
    Captain america’s enemies some examples of these
    opposing values are Nazism (Red skul Baron Zema) Neo Nazism (cross bones Doctor faustus) Technocratic facism (AIM Arnim Zola) Communism (Alek sander Lukin) Anarchism ( Flag smasher and Viper). International and domesic terrorism (HYDRA)

  5. he was in world war 11 he became” super soldier serum”Steve Rogers volunteers for top, secret resarch project, became catain america super hero..

      • He has an indestructible shield that weighed 12 pounds.
        he was given an injection of experimental serum and it turned him super.
        axis nazi the red skull hates captain america.

          • he is one of captin americas greatest enemies. captin america and his friend fought against him.if you watch avengers cartoon you will find out alot more about him.

          • the first 2 red skulls are nazi agents and the 3rd one is a soviet agent.
            the first red skull to be in the comics was an american industrialist turned nazi saboteur called george maxon he turned out to be the agent of the true red skull called johann schmidt and S.H.I.E.L.D said he was on of the biggest threats to humanity.the 3rd red skull call albert malik is the one that killed the parents of peter parker making him a orphan and who when he was older became spiderman.

  6. he got regected because they thougt that he was to skiny. When he was going someone said come here drink this it will make you stroger so he did it and thats how he became captian america.

  7. steve rogers was born during the depression grew up a frail yourth in a poor famaily.His farther died when he was a child,his mother when he was in the late teens.

  8. captain america was sold at news stands for 10 cents for the fisrt one.today that first edition is worth about $115,000

  9. He has a shield ,he is strong and brave. He saved the priminister , steve was given a triangular bullet proof shield a personal sidearm and the codename captain america, the sentinel of liberty.

  10. Captain America was first published in 19440 and was written by Joe Simon. He nearly called him “Super America” but changed his mind as there was already a lot of “Super’s” around in comics.

  11. He has no superhuman powers but with the Super-Soldier Serum and Vita-Ray treatment he changes into someone with strength of endurance, agility, speed and healing, his body replenishes the serum so it never wears off.

  12. Steve Rogers was purportedley assassinated in Captain America vol.Captain America was the first marvel comic character adapted into another mediam with the ralease of the 1944 movie serial Captain America.

  13. .captin amarica was born in new york cite.captin amarica started out as a skinny as a twig.captin amaricas real name was steve rogers. steve rogers haves a yonger brother.

  14. captin amarica had to take this speshel poshon that made him big and strong.capin amarica s drema was to bcome a solder.

  15. Captain America was born in New York.He was born in 1917 and on the 4th of July.His sheld is instrucktable to deafeat.I would trust captain America because he is strong and he is amazing fighter.Doctor Emil Natas man claiming to be captain America.His friend that helps him is Bucku and he was a solider.

  16. Born in New York. He’s a superhero in comic books, he was a frail young man who turns into a strong superhero after taking serum. He wears a costume and has a indestructible sheild.

  17. Captin America is a marvel hero but before he became a hero he was a skinny man called steve rogers.
    He wanted to be in the army but he looked so skinny and weak on the outside they didnt want to give him a chance but on the inside he had courage and determination to fight for his country but they still wouldnt let him join up so a man gave him a serum to make him strong and they let him join up.
    He got his name idea from living in america and he was the captin in the army. His first enemy was red skull and captin america was the first avenger.after his first battle he was trapped in ice.

  18. captain amercia wears a costume that is like the american flag and he also has a sheild that he uses as a weapon to fight hes enemys

  19. Captain America: The First Avenger premiered in Hollywood on July 19, 2011, and was released in the United States on July 22, 2011. The film became a critical and commercial success, grossing a total of $368.6 million worldwide. The Blu-ray and DVD were released on October 25, 2011. A sequel titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set for release in 2014.

  20. Captain America continued to appear in comics for the next few years changing from World War II-era hero fighting against the Nazis to trying to defeat the United States’ newest enemy, Communism.

  21. Captain America comic books rejuvenated the Marvel comic book here from the Golden Age of comics. Another creation of the great Jack Kirby (along with Joe Simon). Captain America comic books tell the exploits of Steve Rogers, a rejected WWII army recruit who takes a super-serum and becomes Captain America. Falling into an iceberg at the end of WWII, Captain America is discovered, de-frosted and brought back to action by Marvel comics in the 1960s. His origin was substantially altered by the important mini-series, Truth: Red White and Black. Early issues of Captain America (1968 series) were later reprinted in Marvel Super Action (1977 series).

  22. captain america was the most popular character during wartimes.He stated to sale his comics and his first one came out on {1941} .

  23. After successfully becoming Captain America ,rogers was later submitted to an experimental mind_ conditioning program that conditioned has mind to accept false information in the chance he was captured by to the enemy and forced to reveal classified information .As part of the conditioning ,Rogers believed has real name
    to be grant Rogers , that he had a brother
    steve rogers was born on July 4.
    He was poor

  24. sighed up to be a solder.when he standed there he got a sigh that said rejected because they thought he was to skinny. When they put him in a machine he turned powerful, and strong. THAT’S WHAT TUNED HIM INTO CAPTAIN AMERICA.

  25. Remember to be careful when searching different sites. Look at the site to see if it is safe and for your age group. If there are things on the site that do not look safe then close it down. Never give out your details or personal information.

  26. from marvel comix1940s predecessor Timely comix and was created by Joe simon and Jack kirby.for nearly all the character puplishtion history.An intentionally patriotic creantion who was often depicted fighting the axis power of world war 2,captin amirica was timely comcs most popular cherter durind war time period after the war endedthe charecter popular warened out and dissepered by the 1950s.

  27. Today i watched the iron man at the end tony died but he did’t die he was just faking
    tony got lot’s of hurt’s and blood and it was not cool.

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