Year 3 Home Learning Challenge 2014



Welcome Year 3 bloggers, this is the second part of your ‘imaginary worlds’ home learning challenge. You need to describe your imaginary world in more than 200 words, comment on at least one other year 3 entry to the blog and be able to act on advice given to make your blog even better. Remember you have 3 weeks to do this and all these points need to be completed by Friday 12th December 2014. You must all complete your homework as you all agreed to and signed the home school agreement. Here are some tips to help with your writing:

* how did you enter your world

* let your imagination run wild and describe inside your world

*use all your senses

* add powerful words, similes and even metaphors

Happy blogging! I look forward to reading them,

Mrs Denny

Who am !?



Can you write about the life of one these children? As if you are that child,for example, My name is Louisa May….

Wow me with the quality of your writing? Watch out for my comments so you can make it even better? Make sure you comment on each other’s . Get blogging….

From Mrs Denny




Through the door…



A shoebox…this is no ordinary shoebox. Look there is a hole, take a peek… You have found a new imaginary world. Wow, what is this world? What does it look like? Can you use your imagination and describe what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch in this new world?

You need to remember:

  • To write in full sentences
  • say how you entered your world
  • use powerful words to describe what you hear, see, smell, taste and touch
  • think about your spelling.
  • use capital letters and full stops correctly

Remember to read through your work before you post. Watch out for my comments to help you improve your work! The ones that wow me and use lots of descriptions will be rewarded.

Happy blogging Year 3. Spread the word about your new blog!
Enjoy and I look forward to reading your work! Miss Robson

Twenty question: Miss Robson’s mystery object


Now we have played twenty questions in class. We are going to see if you can do the same by blogging.

I have a mystery object in a box and you need to use twenty questions to help find out what it could be.


  • Your questions needs to have a yes/ no answer
  • Don’t ask the same question as another blogger
  • You can only ask 20 questions.
  • You can comment on other peoples questions
  • If you don’t have an email use your name then (for example

Good luck and Miss Robson will be in touch!